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Support Workers

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BPDWORLD is pleased to introduce a fantastic new service. This service will provide you with a mental health support worker who will have regular telephone contact with you. They will have contact with you weekly to see how you’re doing.

Examples of things they will be able to help you with are:

Applying for benefits
Contacting your mental health teams, GP’s, housing departments, or social workers
Advice on the Mental Health Act
Make referrals
Talk things through
Put you in touch with crisis services
Mental health support workers are basically here to help you through and take the strain off a little.

How to apply (There is a waiting list for this service but please don't delay applying)

Please complete the online application form and return the documents that can be downloaded below. By submitting the application you are agreeing to the terms of the service.

Terms of service

The service may be withdrawn at anytime (rarely)

UK residents only

You must provide a land line telephone number - it can be yours or a friends, or a phone box where you can be at a set time each week. It is unlikely that you will be allocated a support worker without one. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

We are not able to accept everyone onto this service

Your full co-operation is essential

ALL documentation must be completed

Documentation to be completed and returned by post


Due to the costs of running this service all people who are accepted onto the service are required to make a regular £10 a month donation to BPDWORLD once they have been allocated a support worker.

Please send all documents to:

BPDWORLD | 22 Revenue Chambers | St Peters Street | Huddersfield | HD1 1DL

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You are here: Home Real Life Support Support Worker