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Mental Health Assessments

Do you suffer from an undiagnosed mental health condition?


BPDWORLD has a new service that may help you become better informed as to  whether you may reach the criteria to receive a formal diagnosis.

For a fee of £30 we will send you a detailed assessment, which will include  many questions and requires you to provide honest answers. Once we have  received your payment you will be directed to a page where you can download  your assessment. Should you prefer to receive this via email or post please  ask.

Within 3 working days* after receiving your completed assessment we will send  you our response with suggestions of what to do next.

The information given to you may be used to gain statutory services or be given  to any existing mental health services for them to consider. Although we cannot  provide any guarantee this will happen as a result of taking this assessment.

Notes: Please make sure you have thought through the  consequences of seeking a diagnoses. A diagnosis of complex mental illness  holds a lot of stigma and can be quite frightening to read about.

On a positive note it can offer an explanation for some of the behaviours you  have been engaging in and also help with the isolation some may feel.

Your assessment will be made by a Specialist Therapist Practitioner who has  specific qualifications in the area of personality disorder, dissociative  disorders, and eating disorders. Further, the relevant experience in the  treatment of these disorders.

The advice given is dependent upon honest and truthful answers being given. We  accept no responsibility and provide no warranty in respect of this service and  in appropriate circumstances we will refer you to seek guidance from your  psychiatrist. To avoid any confusion and to be completely clear you will not  receive a formal diagnosis but will receive an opinion on whether you may reach  the diagnostic criteria should you decide to pursue this further. You will also  receive advise on what action to take next. 

* During busy periods this may take longer







You are here: Home The Project Mental Health Assessments